Pomodoro Technique

I recently read about the Pomorodo Technique on a post at the Stack Exchange forum on personal productivity.

At its very basis, it’s a way to help you have focused intervals of work with minimal distractions. It also helps with goal setting, task management, time management and time estimation.

The jist of it is this (iterate on the items in your todo list) :

  1. Set a timer for 25 minutes (this timer and time unit is called the ‘Pomodoro’)…work on the task without interruptions
  2. Mark an X next to your todo (this helps you keep track of how many Pomodoro’s you’re using for this todo task)
  3. If you’ve finished the task, cross it out from your todo list.
  4. Take a 5 minute break. During the break, do not do anything related to the task. You can check your email, etc.
  5. If this is your 4th Pomodoro, take a longer break…30 minutes.
There’s a lot more to this technique but at the heart is this cycle of work intervals and breaks.
It’s been helping me so far. I really like the short bursts of focus. I have lots of things to juggle now so this is a great technique to help me organize my time.

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