e-commerce project

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

We’re finally moving ahead with an e-commerce project. It’ll be very exciting with lots of new things to deal with…like Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways. There are so many out there. We’re using BigCommerce, a cloud ecommerce offering, which integrates with many payment gateways so I won’t have to code anything…but it’s not making it any easier to select one.

This is a good “how it works” diagram of payment gateways and merchant accounts.

Our client is a brick and mortar store that current swipes physical cards at credit card terminals and they also take phone orders. So I’m trying to figure out what merchant account(s) they need and what payment gateways(s) they need…and decide which providers would allow for the most flexible configuration. Another thing that I needed to consider is that they’re currently shopping around for a new merchant account but our ecommerce store won’t be launching for at least a few months. So, the providers should allow us to grow the business and add the ecommerce store later.


Merchant Accounts

Depending on the merchant account provider, you’ll have to sign up for at least one, if not many, merchant account based on how you will be receiving payment. The company that our client is looking at, Elavon, requires a merchant account for retail (physical card swipes), MOTO (mail order/telephone order), and ecommerce. Needless to say, each account costs money…for setup, per transaction, has monthly fees, etc.

Payment Gateway

In order for you to process and connect to your merchant account(s), you will need at least one payment gateway, if not more, to connect to each of your merchant accounts. So you may need a retail payment gateway to process and connect to your retail merchant account, or you may need an ecommerce payment gateway to process and connect to your ecommerce merchant account.


One of the gateways on the BigCommerce list of partners they integrate with is PayLeap. They actually have a plan called “Brick and Click” which essentially allows you to process transactions originating from retail, MOTO, and ecocmmerce, under ONE merchant account and ONE payment gateway. Also their fee structure seems really reasonable. So, as of now, I’m recommending this to our client.

My Portfolio Site

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Have had to revisit my work experience since moving to L.A. Needed a place to present my portfolio so I put something together (the majority of the design is from a pre-made theme but it includes minor tweaks by me).

Portfolio site: http://labs.2-bit-toys.com