iPhone SDK dance and Info.plist

Monday, December 29th, 2008

This morning, I started to follow the book “Beginning iPhone Development, Exploring the iPhone SDK” (it got many high reviews at Amazon) and found that I needed to update my setup somewhat.  It turned out that my iPhone is running 2.2 software but my XCode SDK was still at 2.0.

Once I installed the lastest SDK (2.2) all was fine.  I was able to take screenshots from the Organizer within XCode.  XCode was also able to connect to the iPhone device’s debugger.  So the setup is good to go.

After some research, I finally found out the definitive answer for changing the Info.plist so that your app will run on a tethered device.  Make sure you create a Bundle Seed Id.   The Bundle Seed Id is a 10 character alpha-numeric ID.  Then use it as the value for the Bundle identifier in the Info.plist.   So you need to put something like this “##########.com.mycompany.HelloWorld” as the Bundle identifier.  Now you’ll be able to run your app on your development device.

The Bundle display name can be set to anything.  This is what shows up underneath the application icon on the iPhone desktop.

iPhone dev…trying to start again

Friday, December 26th, 2008

I find that I learn better through how-to guides as oppose to piecing it together.  So, I have a couple of books by my side that I’m going to try to work with to build a very rudimentary, but somewhat interesting iPhone app.  It might just be a throw away gag app, but I want to publish it in the App Store.  Wish me luck!

A few things notes about the curent iPhone from one of the books:

Screen size : 480 x 320 pixels

Physical RAM:  128 MB

iPhone Cocoa Touch does not support garbage collection

Cocoa Touch has build-in mechanisms to let your app know that memory is getting low