Just moved to Dreamhost

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

This is my first post to the blog after moving everything over to Dreamhost. I followed the procedures here. But essentially, I just:

  • tar’ed my wordpress directory from my old server and exported the wordpress MySQL tables to the file wp1.sql using phpMyAdmin
  • ftp’ed the files to the new server
  • created a database on the new server, created a new user, and from the MySQL command line, executed the wp1.sql file
  • updated the wp-config.php file to use the new DB_HOST, and DB_PASSWORD
  • copied over the image directory to which certain blog entries link

And voila!

So far, I’ve found their adminstration tools and their setup a bit confusing. For example, when you setup an email address they create an account that looks something like m132435 and you have to use that to configure your mail client. Howeve, besides having this weird kind of setup, the features that their basic account provides is unmatched…from what I’ve researched so far. They give you 40Mb more storate space every week, for example! You can host an unlimited number of domains with them, which means I have the ability to act like a mini ISP and develope websites for other people.

Transit Strike

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Well, this morning we woke up to the news that the Transit Worker Union rejected the MTA’s offer and are striking.

So, Rachel and I decided to give the LIRR a shot. We live in Brooklyn, about a 10 minute walk to the Flatbush Avenue stop. (We didn’t know how long it would take to walk or to go by car.) When we got to the station, there was a line for purchasing tickets. We spend about 20 minutes on line and bought a ticket to Jamaica and bought another ticket from Jamaica to Penn Station. We didn’t know that would be the worse decision we made that day!

The night before I had done some research into using the LIRR for getting into the city. According to the schedules, the ride into Jamaica took about 15 minutes, and then from Jamaica to Penn, it would take about 20 minutes. The travel time on the train was not the issue. When we got to Jamaica, the LIRR workers, directed us outside to what seemed like a line down the block and then back into the station. To our surprise, when we reached the end of the block the line too a 90 degree turn to the right…we had to go down that block, then back, past where we had turned, then the line snaked around a few more times before we entered through part of the station, then back out again, and finally the line led us back to where we started, and then finally into the station and onto track 5 for a Penn Station bound train! All in all, we waited about an hour and a half in freezing weather. Near the end, we started to lose feeling in our toes. That day, I left at around 8:10 in the morning and got to work at around 11:45. (After arriving at Penn Station I had to walk from 34th street and 8th Avenue to 18th and 5th.)

The commute home was a totally different adventure.

Jeff, my friend who lives downstairs, had left his bike at work. So, he borrowed my bike today so he can ride into Manhattan. Later that day, I figured that I would need my bike and also he needs to bring his bike back, so after work, Rachel and I met him at his office on 45th and Lexington. Jeff had a friend with him and we both were going to take a stab at riding with a partner in the seat while we peddled from a standing position. Well, first of all, it was freezing and I didn’t have gloves with me. We stopped at a store to buy some gloves for Rachel and me. Second, I wasn’t sure what I was thinking today, but I just wore long johns and a long sleeve t-shirt underneathe my down vest and jacket outer layers. Third, through out the day I couldn’t help but think of all the crazy accidents that can happen to us while we were on the bike!

Anyhow, we started our trip by walking our bikes to 5th Avenue, where they had restricted traffic to emergency vehicles, and decided that was a safer road to bike on. Jeff and his friend were quickly out of sight. Rachel and I took it easy and alternated biking and walking just to be safe. We started at around 7:30 PM and got home at around 9:00 PM.

What a day! Rachel and I were both relieved to be home in one piece and also not frost-bitten. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but we’re planning on biking in (each on a bike this time!)

Miles in his prime

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

Miles and the Orange Chair

Originally uploaded by miles_meow.

Here’s Miles on Jeff’s ‘Orange Chair.’ Miles never really got along with Jeff’s cats, Daisy and Sophie. He was open to the relationship but Daisy was being the territorial female and felt threatened by him. She would hiss at him everytime they were within a few feet of each other. Sophie was on edge too because Daisy was on edge. (This photo was taken on Feb. 20, 2003.)